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About UNDŌ

We are not your typical company. We are a creative collective on a mission to make the world more sustainable and circular. We achieve this by launching new concepts into multiple markets, inspiring others to follow our example. We do not try to “look” green – we focus on aesthetics, great design and creating profitable business that make a positive impact on the planet and society.

We have launched our first two ventures UNDO.CARE and UNDO.SOFTWARE.

UNDO.SOFTWARE is a software platform that allows companies to offer their products as a rental/resell/leasing service. UNDO.CARE is a selfcare product line of 100% natural and vegan handsoaps, shampoos and body-wash.

In Q3 2022 we will also launch UNDO.CLOTHING, a circular fashion subscription to a library of capsule garments.

The position

With our software we want to make an impact in many markets. We are currently in household, fashion and mobility, but want to expand. We are thus looking for a business / marketing student who wants to help us identify new markets, customers, partners and innovate our software to help match the needs in those markets. 

Your work will thus be a mix of market research, digital entrepreneurship, co-facilitating workshops, business development and marketing.

What we are looking for

> Someone who has a passion to make the world a better place

> Someone with an interest in design, business and innovation

> Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and independent work ethic 

> Someone who is eager and flexible enough to work in a dynamic start-up environment

What we expect of you

> That you work part- or full-time on your responsibilities

> That you are hungry to learn and experiment

> That you will combine your academic knowledge with your talent to obtain your goals

> That you will participate in our online and offline meetings and stand-ups

What we offer you

> A unique chance to be part of a creative innovative startup in an early stage

> Lots of freedom and responsibilities

> A demanding yet exciting work environment

> Regular feedback sessions from our awesome experienced team members

Are you interested?

Send us a short motivation and your CV/portfolio to:

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