( CRCLR ) is a an all-round circular product-fleet management solution that integrates with (your) ERP, CRM, Warehousing and fulfilment systems.

We’ve got everything you need to go circular.


Our platform will allow you to offer your products as a service. Hassle-free.

Keep track of product and part health status

Know when to produce and when to ask customers to send back their used products for replacement.

Detailed product and parts lifecycle

Adjust the estimated lifespan of a product or its parts to ensure financial and logistical transparency.

Automated replacement cycles

Don’t break a sweat in keeping track of your product cycles, let the system plan, order and replace all cycles.


Ticket system for issue management

Financial dashboard and reports

CRM API integrations and export

Order management

Payment processing and reminders

Add services and bundles



We know you already have systems in place, so we focus on working API first to ensure you can connect everything your heart desires.

More coming soon


We are looking for companies who want to be part of the BETA testing. Please leave a note below if you want to be involved.

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